I. You're allowed to register and use only one account. If you use or register more than 1 account, all your accounts are going to be permanently suspended.

II. Every character have needs like: water, food, happiness, energy or health. 1 point is decreased from all his needs every day, so you must login and restore his needs points, otherwise when your favorite character will have 0 points to any of his needs, will be automatically sent to hospital and you're out of contest until you heal your pal.

III. For every vote received you get 1 point (unless you have VIP membership, then you're going to receive 2 points). To get votes, you have to send your character's link to your friends. Every person can vote you once at 24 hours. Trying to artificially increase your points by using proxies or other tricks, will automatically bring you account suspension.

IV. If you don't take care of your virtual friend, will become sick and you have to heal it, by paying 200 points, otherwise you're out of contest.

V. Winners are selected at the end of the round. If you don't complete your profile with real informations, you cannot be contacted by us and we can't send you your prize.